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Full Movie Chennai express When Rahul is a young man, he sets out to put his grandfather’s ashes into the water at Rameshwaram,

where his grandfather lived and worked. It turns out that when he helps the bride-to-be board a train, he has to face the wrath of her family.

  • Release date: 8 August 2013 (India)
  • Director: Rohit Shetty
  • Box office: 423 crores INR (₹4.23 billion)
  • Story by: K. Subash
  • Distributed by: UTV Motion Pictures, Red Chillies Entertainment

Do not underestimate the power of a simple person Shah Rukh Khan says this line a lot in the movie “Chennai Express,” but the team behind the movie made a big mistake by not paying attention to the common sense of the average person. Because Shah Rukh Khan saw other actors’ idli and dosa films do well, he tried to do the same. When people want to have fun, they don’t use common sense. This leads to a movie like “Chennai Express,” which doesn’t have the engine of entertainment.

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When Shahrukh named his character “Lucky,” he used the same name as Rahul in this movie. Rohit Shetty also blows up cars, keeps items in the name of comedy, and sings “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The things that are done in the name of entertainment don’t look very good at all This movie is flat to the ground.

The story is very short. His grandfather’s ashes must be buried in Rameshwaram. Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) has to do this. Goa is on his bucket list, so he boards the Mumbai to Chennai Express so he can get off at the next station and go to Goa for some fun.
She runs to the platform as the train moves. With his hand, Rahul makes him sit in the buggy. He also helps three or four more people who follow. It turns out that these people are goons who are taking Meena and taking her to the village.

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Rahul is sorry for what he did and goes back to his village to try to save Meena. In the village, Meena’s father is the don. He wants to get her married to a don from another village. In this case, Meena doesn’t want to get married. She tells Rahul that he is her lover. When Rahul and Meena keep running, the don’s men keep following them. During their trip from Mumbai to Rameswaram, many things happen to the two of them, and love is born.
This story has many holes in it. Rohit Shetty is good at making the episodes so funny that the audience doesn’t notice the story’s flaws. This isn’t the case with Chennai Express, so the flaws keep getting pointed out again and again. Then, after going to Deepika’s village, Shahrukh is trapped. He doesn’t have the phone with him. If the phone is set up somewhere, he doesn’t remember a single number. As long as the memory is weak, two or four numbers are still in it, no matter how bad it is.
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There are no police in his town because he is afraid of them. He doesn’t ask for help from them even though he lives in another village. Her efforts don’t show that she is really trying to get away from Deepika’s father.

Besides Deepika and Shahrukh, no one else is strong in the movie, which is a big problem. Rohit Shetty usually makes a movie with a lot of people in it. In Chennai Express, the camera is so focused on Shahrukh and Deepika that the movie starts to die out. The characters aren’t there.

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From beginning to end, you are immersed in a Hindi film that transports you to the South. This is a brand-new taste. The hero must travel to Goa to catch the Chennai Express. There is no need for dubbing or subtitles because the situation is so dire. The country is being brought together in the cultural loop of movies from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. This is a Rohit Shetty and Shahrukh Khan mash-up. The movie Chennai Express is a unique cinematic experience. Many people complain to Rohit Shetty, Bollywood’s most costly filmmaker, that he does too much in films like “Golmaal” and “Bol Bachchan.” These folks can realize that Rohit can produce a terrific picture without any comedy in “Chennai Express.” In his bright painting, he has fast-moving vehicles. Even though Shahrukh is portrayed as a hero, Rohit maintains his manner.

At the same time, this film is Shahrukh Khan’s new energy drink. He is Rahul in his romantic form, and as he takes love vows, the females in the movie theater begin to throb. If you like SRK in “Pardes” and “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge,” you’ll enjoy him much more here.

Deepika Padukone’s name appears on the screen before Shahrukh in the film. Deepika dazzles the audience with her South Indian accent as the Chennai Express gathers speed. His ‘Bokwas’ begin to penetrate the heart. If a hero other than Shahrukh Khan, who values his heroines, had been in the picture, he could have been afraid of Deepika’s performance and cut her role.

Deepika has shown that she is miles ahead of Katrina in this competition, revealing that she will now run large distances. By filming “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” with Katrina, Deepika has saved her from the failure vortex in which Shahrukh was bound.

The plot of the film is straightforward. Hero’s grandfather raised him when he was a youngster. Sachin Tendulkar tours the world after seeing him go out for 99 on his hundredth birthday. His final request was for his ashes to be buried in Rameshwaram. This has gotten Hero’s attention. However, he discovers a heroine on the train, which he and some others are kidnapping and stealing. While attempting to save her, the hero becomes entangled in their grasp. What, after all, is the problem…?

From the opening scene, the film has a comedic tone. As a result, attempting to look at it seriously from any angle will be fruitless, similar to hunting for chili in sweets. Watching this comedy does not require leaving one’s thoughts at home.

There is a lot in the movie that may be mentally recorded. The film’s soundtrack is written by Vishal-Shekhar, but Honey Singh’s solo lungi dance is breathtaking. At the box office, the film is an Eid reward for Shah Rukh, his crew, and his fans. It’s full of passion and fire, and it tickles… The moon of the south has appeared in the sky of the north in the film. Lungi picks up pungi bajao with the same message. 

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