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  • Atrangi Re is a 2021 Indian Hindi-language romance drama film directed by Aanand L. Rai and written by Himanshu Sharma. Produced by T-Series, Colour Yellow Productions and Cape of Good Films, the film stars Dhanush, Sara Ali Khan and Akshay Kumar. Wikipedia
  • Initial release: 24 December 2021
  • Director: Aanand L. Rai
  • Music by: A. R. Rahman
  • Language: Hindi
  • Production companies: T-Series; Colour Yellow Productions; Cape of Good Films
  • Written by: Himanshu Sharma

Atrangi Re Movie Review

Atrangi Re is a 2021 Hindi-language romantic drama film directed by Aanand L. Rai and written by Himanshu Sharma. The film is produced by T-Series, Colour Yellow Productions, and Cape of Good Films. The film stars Dhanush, Sara Ali Khan, and Akshay Kumar. To make the film more enjoyable, there are various trivia facts available online. However, it is important to note that the movie has a very bleak ending, and one can’t be too sure about that.

Luckily, Atrangi Re has a happy ending and is a perfect family entertainment film. While it isn’t a perfect movie, it is a great way to spend an evening with family. The film’s cast includes Akshay Kumar, Dimple Hayashi, Sara Ali Khan, and Dhanush. You can watch the film for free on Disney+ Hotstar. There’s a high chance you’ll enjoy the movie.

Atrangi re Movie

The main storyline of Atrangi Re is about a girl who is in love with two men. Rinku Suryavanshi lives in a town called Siwan in Bihar. Her parents were murdered by her extended family when she was a child. She has fallen in love with a mysterious man named Sajjad. She has eloped with him several times, but her maternal grandmother is fed up and tells her to marry a man who is available. This is Vishu, a medical student, who tries to make Rinku fall in love with him.

While the film is a little slow at times, there are some fine performances throughout the film. Sara Ali Khan proves to be one of the most promising actors of today, while Dhanush gives a memorable performance. In fact, both Dhanush and Sara Ali Khan give excellent performances. Dhanush is especially impressive during the auto-rickshaw scene and the emotional monologue. In the film, both of them show a lot of emotion.

The movie is a classic Indian romance that is a must-see for the entire family. It has everything a loved one could ever ask for. The cast is full of love and passion. The film is very moving and will leave you speechless. You’ll be glad you watched it. Aanand L. Rai’s Atrangi re-review will have you talking about this great movie. With its star power and heartwarming plot, Atrangi re is an excellent choice for a family outing.

“Atrangi re” is a very romantic film directed by Aanand L. Rai. Divya Malladi writes reviews for Disney+ and She spends way too much time on Netflix, so her reviews tend to be very opinionated. While some of the reviews are based on her personal opinion, the movie is well worth the price. The movie is also a good choice for families.

The movie’s name is a witty play on words. It means “colorful” in Tamil and is a very entertaining title. The film starts off very well, and a few scenes in the first half are beautiful. Then, a scene a few minutes before intermission is incredibly shocking. But the film continues to be very interesting after intermission, though some of the developments are hard to digest. The setting is an all-boys hostel. The characters interact with each other and eventually become more than friends.

akshay kumar sara ali khan

The film’s title is a fun, colorful, and original Bollywood love story. The film’s storyline will leave viewers smiling and laughing while the movie’s cast of actors is sarcastic and witty. It is not a great film, but it is a good start. Atrangi re is an upcoming Bollywood action thriller. It will be available on Disney+Hotstar in December 2021.

The film is sad, but an entertaining love story. Despite its name, Atrangi Re is not a great movie. The movie is a slapstick comedy with a glimmer of hope in every scene. Thankfully, the film’s plot is based on a twisted, unintelligible twist and a plethora of other minor details. It is a very clever and uplifting story, and a wonderful film to watch.

The plot revolves around a forced marriage between Vishnu and Rinku. Dhanush plays the role of a gangster who falls in love with his wife. Meanwhile, Sara is a long-time lover of Akshay Kumar and wants both men to be lovers. A film like this is a good investment, as it will entertain your family and give you many hours of entertainment. The actors are both likable and talented, and the storyline is an engaging experience.

Atrangi Re Movie

Atrangi Re is a 2021 Hindi-language romantic drama film directed by Aanand L. Rai. It is written by Himanshu Sharma. It is produced by T-Series, Colour Yellow Productions, and Cape of Good Films. The film stars Dhanush, Sara Ali Khan, and Akshay Kumar. Atrangi Re is a satirical take on love and marriage. The movie is a very popular comedy-drama.

The film is a comedy-drama about three friends, Rinku, Vishu, and Sajjad. Rinku lives in Siwan with her family and tries to run away with Sajjad. However, her family finds out and decides to marry a stranger. Meanwhile, Vishu’s family kidnaps her in order to make her marry another man. Because Vishu has a girlfriend, they two-part ways once they reach Delhi. But fate has something to say about their relationship.

The plot of Atrangi Re is complex. The gang of four tries to save the city from an evil gang of thieves. Dhanush is trying to protect Sara from a murderous group. Sara’s choices are also not helping her. She’s a young mother and is desperately trying to find a husband. In the end, she finds a man who has her back, but only temporarily.

At beginning of the movie, the film begins with a forced marriage, which ends in disaster for Rinku. She elopes with the love of her life, Sajjad, but is caught in the middle. In some Indian states, the groom is kidnapped. The film is full of unneeded drama, but the ending is a wonderful surprise. Atrangi re has many quotable lines and hilarious scenes.

Atrangi Re is a well-written and acted film starring Akshay Kumar and Sara Ali Khan. The story is well-written, and the characters are likable and believable. But it does not stand out as a masterpiece. While it has its moments, it is largely disappointing as a romantic comedy. While Atrangi Re is a solid film, it will appeal to a large audience. Its main focus is the relationship between Dhanush and Sara.

Atrangi Re is a comedy-drama about the problems of bi-cultural marriages. The film’s title means ‘colorful’ and can refer to both ‘unusual’ and ‘entertaining’. The title also gives the film a unique tone that would have a strong impact on the audience. Atrangi re will keep audiences entertained for a long time. If you’re a fan of Bollywood movies, you’ll be captivated by their witty and quirky characters.

This film is a Bollywood-style comedy that features Akshay Kumar and Sara Ali Khan. The story is about a pair of unlikely lovers who are forced to marry each other. One, Vishnu, lives in a small village in the mountains, while the other, Rinku, is a girl from Siwan. In Atrangi Re, the two are forced to live together despite their families’ reluctance, but their destiny has something else in store for them.

Atrangi Re is a comedy-drama film about the struggles of serial elopers and their relationship with their lovers. The movie is also about their friendship. In the film, Vishu and Rinku have a very close relationship. Although they are not in love, they still have a lot in common. The two are close friends and they have a lot in common. Despite the fact that they’re a couple, they are unable to get married.

The film begins with a tragic situation wherein a Muslim guy kidnaps a Hindu girl is forced to marry an unfaithful Muslim man. Atrangi re is a film that is about love and faith. It deals with the differences between two religions and how they live together. There are a number of issues related to this movie, which has fueled its controversy. But at least the movie’s message is a heartwarming watch.

Atrangi Re is an entertaining and heartwarming movie that deals with issues of mental health. The film’s concept is unique and it’s funny. Even though it has three angles, the story is based on a love triangle. It’s a love triangle that involves the protagonists, but it also has a strong female lead. If you’re looking for a heartwarming Bollywood film, look no further than Atrangi Re.

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